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People Management

Competency Model Development & Assessment

High performance organisations are built through the strength and capabilities of their people. Setting the foundation through Competency Models Development is essential to human resource functions, such as recruitment and selection, training and development, and performance management. 

Recruitment & Selection

The war for talent continues to be the battle of many organisations. With an expanding workforce, automation, and changes in job requirements, organisations are now seeking high quality talent who are able to go the extra mile. Through a systematic recruitment and selection process, organisations are able to identify and attract suitable employees who will create valuable impact. 

Training Needs Analysis

Organisations strives for effectiveness and efficiency as to ensure that every investment provides a positive return. Many organisations, however, has challenges when investing in employees training. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) enables organisations to invest in the necessary resources that will highly contribute to employee development through identification of performance gap and the necessary training to meet the desire standard.

Career & Succession Planning

Competitiveness and a knowledgeable workforce are a business advantage to an organisation. Today’s workforce seeks for advancements to achieve their career objectives. Organisation that provides employees with the clarity of the required skills, duration and opportunities that are available are able to attain and retain high performing talents. Through career planning and succession planning, organisations are able to elevate leadership continuity, business continuity and risk management.

Talent Management System

Adapting to the dynamic business environment is a significant challenge to leaders today. In facing these challenges, it’s a fundamental necessity for organisations to prepare their employees for the journey ahead. Talent management seeks to attract, identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy individuals who are considered particularly valuable to an organization. By managing talent strategically, organizations can build a high-performance workplace, encourage a learning organization, and add value to their brand.

Reward System Development

Fair and beneficial compensation motivates employees, attracts talent and supports retainment. Rewarding employee in exchange for their contribution and achievements enables higher effort and in return high performance and increased profitability. With that, formulating processes, rules, procedures, and decision-making activities in relations to reward is essential for the fluidity and success of an organisation. 

Employee Engagement

High level of engagement has proven to be correlated to an increase of performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction. However, the changing workforce has become a main challenge of organisations globally. Understanding the level of employee satisfaction and commitment enables organisations to design a strategy to increase the level of engagement.

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