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All activities in the Organization can be executed with the support of IT / Digital Solution. With the existing IT technology, Organization can develop an IT based processes to enhance their speed, effectiveness, and efficiency. Interaction with external stakeholder can also get the benefit of Digitalisation. It will make the interaction with your external stakeholder to be more individualised and real-time Analytics processes can also be done easier with digitalised data and integrated application.

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Case Study

Oranye Development Company had been trusted to develop an ERP solution for a Coil Center Production Company. The system manages end-to-end processes from customer order, production order, production planning & scheduling, inventory management, warehouse management, delivery, and billing management.

The system was developed in full customisation based on the needs and habits of the Users in the Company. A change management process was also took place to ensure smooth transition from the old system to the new ERP solution.

The project duration took the whole 1 year from User Requirement Identification to User Acceptance Testing.

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