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Organisation Design

Structure Design & Restructuring

In an era of economic turbulence, digitization, automation, globalisation and competition, organisations often find themselves in need of adapting to the changing environment. As such, the first assessment that is made is often done to its structure in order to evaluate the organisation effectiveness. Structure defines the activities and hierarchy of an organisation directed to achieving its goals and objectives. Through Structure Design and Restructuring, organisations are able to adjust the course of their business to elevate performance. 

Job Profile Development

Employees perform best when they have a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities. Defining and documenting positions in a Job Profile helps organisations to provide employees information of its requirement and expectations. An effective method in developing a Job Profile is through the combination top-down (Job Design) and bottom-up approach (Job Analysis). In doing so, organisations are able to create a suitable Profile that complements the current and ideal condition of the position. 

Job Worth Evaluation

Facing the competitive business environment, today’s workforce is well informed of their market worth therefore forcing organisations to stay ahead of the game. Attaining and retaining the right talent requires systematic approach that considers both individual qualification and market worth when defining a job value. Organisations are able to achieve equity and consistency in their job value through Job Worth Evaluation, a comprehensive analysis on job tasks, responsibilities, competency requirements, and scope. 

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