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Tsunami of Change: The Tsunami that left no Organization untouched

Change is happening everyday in the world we live in. Starting from the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that unexpectedly hit, accelerated the changes we were experiencing even more. Followed by the disruption in world climate, geopolitical turmoil and even national political situation, create a tidal wave that left no one unaffected. What has occured is what we are calling Tsunami of Change. 

We are defining Tsunami Change as the accumulative effect of many accelerated changes that build into a tidal wave of change overload that overwhelms people and organizations. 

Tsunami wave of change that overwhelmed many organizations and resulted in considerable chaos and mismanaged change, and weakened even the foundational strengths and cultures of unprepared organizations. Many new challenges emerged including the challenge of reconfiguring work and workplaces to accommodate multiple work arrangements while trying to build strong cultures, teamwork, and a winning strategy. 

The Tsunami Change resulted in organizations having to find new ways to succeed, settle for mediocrity without a viable future plan, or risk obsolescence from not effectively adapting. 

To achieve and sustain success in today’s times, developing skills in managing change and game-changing challenges like Tsunami Change need to be a top priority. Here are a few recommendations that apply both to manage Tsunami Change and develop organizational expertise in managing change.

1. Having a right principled leaders

Having a right principled, transparent, and trusted leaders who provide vision, direction, and inspiration

2. Clear, compelling, and well-communicated strategy

3. Organize a Change Council

4. Involve, engage, and listen to employees

Involve, engage, and listen to employees at all levels and create opportunities for open, candid, and safe dialog on what is working and what isn’t

5. Develop training

6. Engage professional help to facilitate dealing with Tsunami Change

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